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Indie and self-publishing have never been easier, more fun and complete for you or your Team!

Finished writing a book? Publish and promote it with Gracestone's expert guidance! Explore our Customized Publishing Packages:

CALL 1-984-235-4790

Need help finishing your book? Or a writing coach? What if we could write your book but you get the credit and retain ownership?

Learn more about these pre-publishing services called "dGHOST."

Overview of Gracestone's Publishing Solutions 

Take Off

Package includes:


Hard or soft cover


custom cover

custom interior

30 images

author website


ISBN, LOC, Copyright

Free Consult



Includes EVERYTHING in Take Off PLUS:



Amazon Optimization

80,000-word edit

Ten free copies

Book cover copywriting

Fly High



Marketing campaign

Professional Review

Amazon and

Barnes & Noble "preview"

KOBO e-book

Customizable cover/interior





Dual Format release

Literary level edit

100 images

Rakuten e-book

Media Release

Custom SEO

Pay per click campaign

2,000 email



Defy Gravity

 Everything in the previous packages PLUS:


Custom edit/design

Advanced Marketing

Expedited Service

More Media Releases

3,000 emails

Video Trailer

Net galley spotlight

Ingram Book Return


Gracestone's Literary Team reviews every manuscript. We offer pre-agreement guidance and coaching to help you write and prepare your book. Send us an e-mail requesting our pre-agreement services, and we will contact you to learn more about your project and your needs.


Whether your project is for you, a family member, friend, your team, or a customer Gracestone will meet your highest expectations.



SCENES TEAM BUILDING is a creative, original team building event that will take your people to the next level of cooperation, ambition, fun, and information! Learn about and grow your team using the book writing process. Groups (or individuals within the group) may even publish a fiction or nonfiction book to share with their company, clients, business associates, family, and friends! Please send an e-mail to info@gracestone.org to request information or schedule a phone call to discuss SCENES team building customized for your unique industry, company, people, and customers!

 Guaranteed fun and positive growth that will be remembered!

dGhost Writing Service

Gracestone will write your book anonymously, but you will receive credit as the author and retain copyright.