About Gracestone Publishing

     Gracestone Publishing's mission is to empower authors to share their fiction and non-fiction books that directly or indirectly promote the consideration of God's literal existence and active presence behind the material world, and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We provide a platform and expertise to help authors finish, publish, and promote their books. We ask people to invest in themselves to shine their light.

      Gracestone Publishing's passion is to promote creativity, Biblical literacy, and help people improve communication and relationship development through published works and writing seminars.

      Gracestone will consider all fiction and non-fiction consistent with our mission and passion, and work diligently to help motivated writers finish, publish, and promote quality work. 

      We also provide the highest quality magazines to our community to create organic business growth through branding to improve word of mouth advertising. However, our magazines do not and will not promote political or religious agendas. We dedicate magazines to excellence in advertising and editorial content.