Being Is Doing.

So many people I meet say, "I want to be a writer." Some of them even show me something they've written.

Would you agree that you are what you do?

I hope so, but let's qualify that in this blog.

Jesus the Christ took the idea of being a step beyond action by citing the "thoughts and attitudes of the heart." Jesus said you're "being" hinges on whatever you think about doing, too! And that's why we're encouraged to "think about whatever is pure, kind, noble, beautiful, and praiseworthy."

So, what we want to do, or think about doing, may or may not materialize into a full identity because identities require "doing" that goes beyond mere contemplation. In fact, authorities treat action so much more seriously than contemplation, that one cannot be taken altogether seriously unless they take the action they're contemplating. For example, law enforcement won't arrest you just because you are thinking about robbing a bank. They might put you under surveillance, but you are legally allowed to think about robbing a bank, and even plan a bank robbery, and stay out of jail.

Somethings require doing to be.

That's how it is with writing. Writing requires action. You must be devoted to the task. It must be something that is a part of you demonstrated by production. That doesn't mean that your thoughts and attitudes don't make you a writer. They do! Writers must think a lot to produce their final product! But the final product is what matters most. It reflects everything that you are.

Does someone have to be read to be a writer? No. Of course not. But casual posts on social media or writing notes to your staff does not make you a writer. Writing requires discipline and effort that goes well beyond casual participation. A writer is a wordsmith. They write, rewrite, and publish. They work hard. They have a point to make, a story to tell, not just thoughts to unload. Writers have a purpose that goes beyond mere journaling. Their purpose is to contribute in a substantial way to life, help others, and influence the world. This is why the best published books will almost always be ones that pass through a gauntlet of screeners and editors. Only genuine writers are worthy of publication.

So, I want to encourage you today if you want to be a writer.

Take writing seriously.

Write each day.

Commit time and thought to your task. Every single day.

Ask yourself these questions and then answer them by your work: "Who do I want to reach?" "What do I care about?" "Why is it important?" "How can I contribute and make a difference in life?" "Where do I want to be in one month, six months, a year, or five years?"

Be professional. Then you will be a writer.

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