The Center of Glory


It's the bullseye.

We all strive for it.


The world is not about us.

I understand why we think it is.

For pragmatic reasons we live our whole lives as if the world revolves with each of us is at the center. Even philanthropists' unselfish giving has itself at the center.

I write this blog. It emanates from my mind. And I send it out hoping that it ripples and touches everyone else!

I wrote "Awesome Sovereign's Battle For Paradise" because I want to help others.

I wrote the novel "Aleafin's Secret and December's Ghost" to entertain and inspire others.

But all that I do, even if it is as part of a team, have my intentions and actions at the center and rippling out to do for others.

The Butterfly Effect.


But there is someone else at the center.


God came before you, me, and the whole world.

The whole world is all about God. God's Will of Desire. God's Will of Purpose. These are different, but each of them leads to one thing: Glory.

Glory to God.

Because this is all about God.

That's why we need to know God. We need to know more than about God. We need to know God.

It is a personal thing.

Though I am not at the center. Though the ripples of my life affect everyone else. I am not at the center. And neither are you.

God is at the center.

And I implore you today to choose to acknowledge that truth now.

Once you accept that you and I and this whole world is all about achieving Glory for God, your life will change radically.

Warning: if your heart seeks to glorify God, down deep, God will make it happen. And that might not be pleasant.



But don't expect it to go down exactly how you expect. It probably won't. The average entrepreneur fails almost four times before success! The average author rewrites a book several times before the finished version reaches the public!

But God's Will of Purpose cannot fail. It will go down exactly as expected no matter how much demons (fallen angels) and humans oppose it.

It's going down right now.

Demons and humans can oppose God's Will of Desire. Each of us has free will. And God won't interfere with that. God's Will of Desire is an eternal relationship on His terms with every human being and angel that ever received life. Jesus Christ made that possible.

Unfortunately, some angels and humans do not want God. They want a life without God.

So, one way or another, God's Will of Purpose is going down.

This world and our lives are all about God.

Are you ready for God today?

Start your day with God.

Start today.


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