Who Is In It?

Media is all about success.

Yes, The Media loves dirty laundry because that's part, a big part, of their success. Dirty laundry is The Media's glory.

However, for the rest of the world media helps everyone else advertise their success.

And you and I are on the outside looking in for most of it. We're spectators.

What is interesting about success is how quickly it is praised. How much we admire it.

Any success.

Drug Lords are celebrated alongside other business owners as if they are legitimate!

And I could list dozens of such analogies!

I know you get the point.

The Bible hones into the notion of success differently. It asks a question that I'm suggesting we all ponder today: If God isn't in it, who cares?

Please do not rationalize.

God is NOT in drug dealing. A god is involved: the Devil! But the Devil's eternal destiny is decided and none of us that is paying attention would want that eternity.

So, as each of us emerges from the effects of Covid-19, let us turn our attention on what success is.

The Bible teaches that "Only what's done for God will last."

That's the foundation of success.

I don't care what business you're in as long as it is moral according to the Bible's definition of morality. That's called TRUTH. The Bible's morality lessons define Truth. So, as long as you are not in the business of rejecting God's sovereignty, cursing God's name, teaching people to worship idols, rejecting God's order of creation, stealing, lying, murder, envy, or dishonoring others, you can do it for God.

We're talking about the motive that drives our being.

And drives your business. Your life.

Drives your focus early in the morning, at mid-day, in the evening.

Serving God begins with the awareness that we need God. I won't propose a formula because that happens in different ways. But it always leads to a confession of sins. That's right, none of us lives a perfect moral life yesterday, today, or tomorrow. And when we admit it, hopefully it leads us to repent. Turn away from intentional sin.


It's all about intentionality.

There are some choices we can make that can never serve God: for example, drug dealing.

But assuming a construct of our business that is moral, or our daily lives, we can glorify God by our intentions.

Intend to glorify God and we will

During this pandemic while we have all this extra time let us meditate on growing our capacity to be intentional in our service to the Creator of the Universe whose purposes are being accomplished whether we want to be a part of it or not.

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