Today personal identity matters more than ever because the internet makes the world bigger. Who you are, your company, family, or business is judged by what you post, publish, and create. For every single person that sees it, ten more hear about it. Is what they hear accurate?

One of the reasons that Gracestone Publishing's First Flight Books dedicates itself to authors and helping people become authors is that everyone has a voice. They want to tell the world about themselves, their perspective, and their ideas. Directly or indirectly.

Now, something is inspiring about authorship if you're an individual. The result is you revealed to the world. Or, it's something you're passionate about revealed to the world, what you think others should consider. We agree! We want to support you!

First Flight Books is also excited about what you represent. Maybe it's a company, team, or product line; it's also you. In a way, the essential part of you because it represents your value exchange to the whole world! To help you share what you (and your team) represent, we have launched a service called "Scenes Team Building." We're confident that it will be the best team building service you've ever used.

Scenes Team Building divides your company or division into small groups or teams. It's ideal when the groups consist of people who work together because, in addition to revealing personality, interpersonal approach techniques, and leadership traits, Scenes help each team produce a book. It can be for the whole company, team, a select group, and for or with customers!

Gracestone's mission is to help you define yourself personally and professionally and share it with your world as it continues to expand. Thank you for reading Gracestone Publishing's first blog post. We're excited for you to get to know and trust us.

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