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THE DEFY GRAVITY PACKAGE includes everything critical to the success of a book beyond what the other packages offer:


1.  A Full Literary Edit up to 80,000 words.


2.  Custom editing of the book's cover and website content.


3.  Pre-release/advance marketing services including press releases through our partner online news service accessed by thousands of media targets, 1000+ database targets, and dozens of book critics. We also include the distribution of review copies of your book and facilitate personal appearances per media request.


4.  Design and production consultation.


5.  Expedited services based on the author's custom product.


6.  Marketing consultation to ensure efficient and effective impact.


7.  Post-release distribution of a Revised Media Release of your book distributed to thousands of media outlets.


8.  1,000 business cards, 350 postcards, and one dozen full-size posters for your local market pre-and post-release of your work.


9.  3,000 emails can be included in our e-mail marketing campaign to promote your book.


10.  Video Trailer to promote your book.


11.  Reviews from the following Professional Review Services: The Litt Review,  Kirkus Book Review, and Clarion Book Review.


12.  A two-week long spotlight on a category page to drive independent reviews from readers and sales.


13.  Book Return Status in Ingram to encourage bookstores to consider stocking it in your local and national markets.





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Please note: If your manuscript is highly sophisticated, you may require additional services that will cost more money and production time. There will be a $0.04 per word editing fee above 80,000 words. Shipping and handling charges apply to books. Search Marketing Campaigns incur a monthly cost that we will determine before activation based on your budget. Gracestone will credit and launch your account with up to $60.
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