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Using Artificial Intelligence Is Not You

The Artificial Intelligence movement is being embraced at a breakneck pace. This is not a surprise because so many people can make so much money using it. I'm not opposed to capitalism, earning money, or helping people lessen their workload. However, artistic expression ought to be authentic. Writing books, designing artwork, doing art, and laying out a book with fonts, images, graphs, and formats are part of art. All of it is expression, personal, honest sharing of one's soul.

No technology tool can replace your original writing, crafting, and storytelling. I love AI for help with research and editing because it saves time and resources. AI makes writing books, papers, and anything easier, making it a marvelous invention. I admit I love AI. However, the satisfaction of working through an idea and writing it within one's limitations can't be replaced.

I remember being confronted in college by ads on boards offering to write a paper on almost any subject. I wouldn't take anyone up on it because getting caught cheating kept me honest. Plus, I knew that cheating only hurt my character, ability to problem solve, and skills. But I was once tempted to hire someone when I realized at eight-thirty at night that I hadn't even started a research paper that my strict writing professor expected at eight the following morning! Instead, I crafted an original paper and invented my sources out of thin air! And I made that evident so Dr. Gibson wouldn't think I was trying to cheat. It's the only paper I ever wrote where a professor awarded me an A+ and asked me to share it with my peers! Working through an idea, even on a deadline, is worth the effort. On another occasion, long after I graduated from college and worked in the professional world, I had to deliver a ten to fifteen-minute speech on a subject of my choice that would inspire other aspiring professional speakers in my peer group. The bad news is I had only a couple of hours to write it and six hours beyond that to prepare myself to deliver it (and I had to work all day the following day!). Well, it was challenging work, but I received accolades from the famous leader of the group and my peers. The key was my confidence in my material and the preparation. I never blinked even though I had to take every spare minute to practice delivering the speech until five minutes before I walked onto the stage.

Ghostwriting services are offered worldwide. I'm not against them. Outsourcing work is vital. Nevertheless, I think we must, more than ever, encourage authentic artistic expression. Please visit to see how I can help and encourage you.


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